Boot Fitting and Custom Orthotics

It all Starts with a strong foundation – your feet! Custom orthotics from Amfit and Instaprints, and custom ski boot liners from Intuition maximize power to your edge, while providing greater warmth and comfort. Having properly fitted boots is the quickest way to improve your skiing experience. We sell boots from Dalbello, Lange, Rossignol, Salomon, Nordica, Tecnica, Scarpa and Dynafit. Grizzly Outfitters has been named one of America’s Best Bootfitters and is part of Masterfit Enterprises, an international organization of top independent ski and snowboard shops that specialize in custom bootfitting and place a premium on excellent customer service. We are the only ski shop in Montana with this designation. Call for an appointment toll-free 888-807-9452 / 406-551-9470 or book your boot fitting online. See a video about boot fitting at Grizzly Outfitters produced by the Outlaw Partners.

Boot Fitting Services Pricing Booking
Purchase New Ski Boots $450 and up Book Online!
Intuition Liners $225 Book Online!
Amfit Custom Orthotics $225 Book Online!
Boot Fitting Consultation $60/hr Book Online!
Replace Buckles $15 and up
Boot Punch $15 and up
Boot Grinding or Stretching $15 and up

The Perfect Fitting Process

1. Assess Your Needs First, your boot fitter will do a thorough assessment. Factors such as your skiing ability, preferences, foot characteristics, and future skiing goals are considered. He/She will use this information to select the best boot for you and your need for a custom orthotic. We sell different orthotics, and depending on your needs (and feet) we will select an orthotic that will suit you. Your boot fitter may also recommend a custom liner. 2. Scan Your Foot We start with the foundation: your feet .Your boot fitter will place your foot in a near-neutral stance, which is its strongest natural position. our Amfit system uses pressure-sensitive rubber pegs, which will measure your feet using a computer in 538 places. This produces a three-dimensional topographical “map” of the bottom of your foot. Data from this map is then fed electronically to an Orthotic fabrication machine. Our Instaprint orthotics use a putty board to make an impression of your foot. The system we use will depend on you and your feet. 3. Fabricate Orthotics Regardless of the system we choose for you, we will fabricate your orthotics on site. This process takes about 20 minutes. 4. Custom Liners Your custom orthotic is paired with an Intuition custom boot liner or a foam injected liner. Intuition Liners are heated in a convection oven, then custom molded to your foot. In about 10 minutes, you will have warm and comfortable ski boot liner that will conform to every nuance of your foot. If you have low volume feet or lower legs, or favor a higher performance fit, we may recommend a foam injected liner. Your boot fitter will explain the differences in fit, comfort and performance. 5. Optional Ski Boot Heaters lf you suffer from cold feet, boot heaters from Hotronics are the answer. Your boot fitter can custom install boot heaters into your ski boots. Powered by rechargeable batteries, Hotronics provide all-day comfort even on the coldest days.s

Things to consider when buying ski boots

1. Don’t listen to your friends. What works for your buddy may not work for you. They’re your feet, not your buddies, and every foot is different. Different boots will fit different foot shapes. 2. Have your feet measured. This accomplishes several things, like knowing how big your feet are. We measure your feet both sitting (unweighted) and standing (weighted). This tells us how much your feet elongate and if you are an over-pronator. Over-pronation in a ski boot is a bad thing. 3. Get a footbed. Even skiers with perfect feet will get improved performance and comfort with a footbed. If your feet are less than perfect, like the majority of the population, you will reap even larger improvements in comfort and performance. The soles of our feet are not a flat surface, and the sole of a ski boot is a very flat surface. A good footbed allows the two to interface, while maximizing comfort, balance and power. 4. Get Shell Fit. Remove the liner from the boot shell, then put your foot into the shell so that your toes barely touch the end of the boot. Anywhere from 1 to 3 cm behind your heel is a good guide. Generally, the more time you spend in ski boots the less space behind the heel. This is where the guidance of a good boot fitter, like us, is very helpful. 5. Try on several different boots. Even if the first one feels great, try on a few more. The first one may be the one for you, but at least you will have something to compare against. 6. Take your time. A proper boot fitting can take a while, particularly if you are getting custom work done. This is time well spent. 7. Buy your boots at Grizzly Outfitters Ski and Backcountry Sports. We will guide you through this process and guarantee the final fit of your ski boots. We will measure your feet, determine which footbed is right for you, and match your foot to the right ski boot. We will also take the time to customize your boots to your feet. This can include custom footbeds, custom ski boot liners, boot stretching and grinding.